Why we are proud to support Responsible Tourism

Often just the word ‘tourism’ can conjure up images of overdeveloped coastlines and crowded streets filled with cheap souvenirs. For many, the archetypal ‘tourist’ is one who only wants to enjoy himself and has little regard for the impact he has on the places he visits. However, tourism is a hugely significant industry across the world and accounts for a large slice of vital income to many countries, not just those in the developing world. Tourism is responsible for 30% of the world’s trade of services and 6% of overall exports of goods and services. With such sizable numbers, it’s ...
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LTS - Monastery of Samos 100629338

Travel Solo Not Alone: The Camino Santiago

Jenny Cranfield has been living in Dubai for 18 months and wanted to experience a different kind of trip from her normal travel itinerary. Here she shares with us her experience of trekking the Camino de Santiago, also known as ‘The Way of Saint James’. Why did you want to take this trip? The trip has been on my bucket list for a few years. I became aware of the Camino De Santiago after watching the film, The Way. After that I kept researching articles about it and looking it up on the internet and then one day ...
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What Next After Everest Torres Del Paine

Where Next After Everest Base Camp?

Done Everest Base Camp - loved it! Now what next? We are asked this question a lot and so we decided to do a bit of research. We've chatted to a couple of experts and here is our guide to the world's most iconic treks. Same feeling of exhilaration, different landscapes, different thrills ... The Inca trail – Peru The Inca trail in Peru is one of the world’s greatest and best known hikes, combining culture with awe inspiring scenery. This trek will reward you with a stunning combination of the region’s ruins, mountainscapes, and cloud forests. The Classic Inca ...
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Rhino mother and baby, Ngorongoro Crater

Wild Things: Top 5 Cycle Safari Hotspots

How close can you get to the natural world when you take to the saddle? Here’s a clue – if you know the right route to take, you won’t be needing your zoom… Best for Cheetahs: Namibia Seeing predators on the prowl is always a possibility in Etosha National Park, says Exodus’ Andy Gibbins, of Namibia’s legendary reserve. “But there are also giraffes, hyena, jackals, springbok and zebra. Oh, and ostrich too…” Want more? How about a visit to the Cheetah conservation project – a world-leading research centre, allowing you to get close (ish) to the most enigmatic ...
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5 Amazing South East Asian Experiences By Bike

Five Amazing Asian Experiences…By Bike!

Southeast Asia is a cyclist’s dream – bikes are the modus operandi for many locals, so you’ll fit right in. You see more from the saddle than you’ll ever spot from the back of a bus, whilst covering plenty of ground and seeing the regional variations as you pedal. Southeast Asia by bike is the perfect break for anyone wanting to learn more about the culture, with a little bit of activity thrown in there too. Here we run down five of our favourites and what they’re best for. 1. Indochina & Angkor Best For: Crossing Borders A rolling meander ...
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