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Live with the Masai warriors, cycle through Vietnam, see a witch doctor ceremony in the Amazonian rain forest, trek the Inca trail, hike to base camp in the Himalayas, make pizza with the kids in an Italian village, see Japan by its sushi.................

How often have you been on a holiday , relaxed on a beach, done some sight-seeing, shopped and then come back home to your daily routine? Have you wondered about a different kind of holiday? We are excited to bring to you a new line of thought when planning a holiday.

We are based in Dubai, UAE and have partnered with companies who have over 20 years’ experience in the field of small group adventure travel. The adventures have been carefully researched and designed to ensure that you have a fun, active holiday, see a country at grass-root level, and are guided by an experienced knowledgeable leader. The itineraries are…. different! They offer an alternative to run-of-the-mill resorts, beaches and bus tours.

Whether you are a solo traveler or a family there are plenty of amazing experiences waiting for you… all you need is an open mind and a thirst to connect with the world. Contact Us to book your next adventure!

Choose from over 14 themes and more than 1,000 itineraries! Cycling, sailing, cooking, photography, food, trekking……………there is something for everyone.

Explore trip themes

All our travellers have a common love for adventure but experiences come in different dynamics…. Check out trips for Individuals, Family, Young on a budget, Private Groups.

Young on budget

You’re only young once. Live it up ! Travel the world on these special tours. Fun-filled and fast- adventures designed just for travellers aged late teens and twentys.


You have kids and you think your adventure days are over ! The Family adventures are especially designed with extra safety and security in mind to ensure the whole family has fun experiences. Who better to make lasting memories with?


Individuals Want to explore a new country but reluctant to go by yourself? Small group travel is a perfect way to have awesome life-changing experiences. You will be with an intimate group of like-minded explorers where you may be travelling solo but never alone!


Try a Private Group tour. You pick the people, you pick the place, we’ll handle the adventure!.

Our trips have been categorized into different styles to help you plan and choose the right kind of trip for you. All trips styles are led by a knowledgeable leader. Also whether you are in a tent or a converted fort, all accommodations have been carefully selected to ensure they are safe, clean and culturally rich.

Whatever style you choose, the trip will be led by an experienced leader to ensure you have all the necessary information and support you require.


More freedom and affordability

  • For travellers on a smaller budget, Basic trips are about less creature comforts , there are more home stays – tents ,bed and breakfasts, guesthouses type of accommodation.
  • More use of public transport, like tuks-tuks, buses.
  • More freedom, more value and lots of free time to choose the activities and extras that you want to do.


A true adventure.

  • A classic traveller really wants to get to know a country. A perfect combination of independent exploration and included activities.
  • Two and three star type of accommodation, full service lodges, permanent campsites.
  • Combination of public, private, water based, and air transportCombination of public, private, water based, and air transport.
  • A few meals included.


More adventure, more comfort

  • The Comfort traveller wants a big adventure but with a softer landing at night. Comfort style includes more leader- led activities, roomier transport, more included meals. Relaxed pace.
  • Classier accommodation 4-5*, tree houses, converted forts etc.
  • More private transport, more spacious.
  • More inclusions More activities, More meals included

For groups of all sizes, you can have a special departure of one of the pre-existing adventures, or tailor-make an itinerary to any one of our destinations.

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Our trips are rated from 1-5 to give you an idea of level of activity and fitness for the trip.

Specific details vary on each trip and more information is provided in the trip notes of every itinerary.

A general guideline is as follows :

Level 1 - indicates a leisurely pace with no previous experience required.

Level 3 - indicates a moderate level of activity with a general fitness level

Level 5 - trips are pretty hardcore. You need to be fit and may need to train before departing on this type of adventure.