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Mt Kilimanjaro Trek - Machame 8-Day Route

Possibly the most scenic route to the summit, Machame boasts several paths to its highest point and back. En route to Uhuru, emerge onto high-alpine deserts with amazing views of ice fields and the peak of Mt Kilimanjaro! Known as the "Whiskey Route" because of the tougher challenge, this path leads you through magnificent forests before traversing a ridge leading through moorland to the Shira Plateau. It offers great scenery beneath the glaciated precipices of the southern ice fields before summiting from the higher Barafu Camp. Camp along the route with support from local guides and porters. As a world leader in Kili treks, we'll take you to new heights in adventure!


Whats Included

  • Your G for Good Moment: Moshi Women's Cooperative Visit, Moshi. 6-day guided group trek up Mt Kilimanjaro's Machame Route with local guides, cooks and porters. All permits and fees. All transport between destinations and to/from included activities.
  • 7 breakfasts, 6 lunches, 5 dinners
  • Simple hotels (2 nts), full-service alpine camping (5 nts).
  • Private minibus, trekking.
  • Certified mountain guide throughout, local representative, cook, porters.
  • 12

Countries Visited

  • Tanzania, United Republic of

Conquer Africa's highest peak, witness the curvature of the earth, trek past verdant forests and silent glaciers, watch sunrise from Uhuru Peak.

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Days : 8

Price : From AED 8,506*
*Per person twin sharing and excluding flights

Trip Style : Basic

Trip Type : Individuals

Physical Grading : 5 - Challenging

Trip Map

Full Itinerary

Day 1 Moshi
Day 2 Moshi/Machame camp (1B, 1L, 1D)
Day 3 Machame camp/Shira 2 Camp (1B, 1L, 1D)
Day 4 Shira 2 Camp/Barranco Camp (1B, 1L, 1D)
Day 5 Barranco Camp/Barafu Camp (1B, 1L, 1D)
Day 6 Barafu Camp/Mweka Camp (1B, 1L, 1D)
Day 7 Mweka Camp/Moshi (1B, 1L)
Day 8 Moshi (1B)

What to Take

As you will be trekking up Africa’s highest mountain, you will be passing through a number of different climate zones, and should pack to prepare for a number of extremes – hot and sunny, cool, cloudy, and misty, fog, rain (your first day you will ascending through a section of rain forest), wind, and lastly snow and cold. You may experience one or all of these conditions in the same day on your trek. In the lowlands, temperatures in the shade can reach 35C, and in the highlands it will be below freezing, with possible rain and fog. The use of lightweight, breathable, easily removable layers of clothes works best to allow you to adapt to the local conditions. We recommend breathable, moisture-wicking fabrics made of wool or synthetic fibres. Cotton is not recommended for hiking as it does not allow for heat or moisture to enter or escape, and it will not dry once wet. Please note that is gets extremely cold near the top of Mt. Kilimanjaro, and you will begin hiking your final ascent to the summit at approximately midnight, and hike through the coldest part of the day. For this, in addition to several warm layers and good boots to grip as you climb over frozen scree, ice, and snow, you will need warm protection for your extremities – warm socks, gloves, and a warm winter hat. Cameras need to be protected against the severe cold weather either in warm pouch or the interior pockets of your clothing. A selection of lenses will aid the final results although weight and bulk will obviously influence your selection. For digital equipment and mp3 players, check with the manufacturer’s specifications for temperature range (especially battery life), water tightness, altitude range, and general hardiness. You will need to supply your own sleeping bag and pillow. Lastly, Mt. Kilimanjaro is located only a few hundred kilometres from the equator, and at altitude, the sun’s affects are heightened. Use a hat, sunglasses, sun screen, and wear proper clothing to protect yourself from the sun, to reduce the risk of sunstroke. Please note, secure luggage and valuables storage facilities are available at your Moshi hotel while you climb. Your hotel in Arusha also offers storage facilities for any extra mountain gear/clothing that you do not require for the safari portion of the trip. With regard to the type of pack(s) to use, two packs would be useful: 1. One larger pack (preferably a duffle bag) that will be carried by the porters inside large, canvas duffle bags. This pack should not exceed 15kg, and should be within the following dimensions: 30cm (height) x30cm (width) x 60cm (length) 2. One smaller 20-30L pack (5kg) that you will carry containing your water, snacks and wet weather gear. Please note that binoculars are not provided on this tour. If you are interested in using binoculars, you must pack your own.

About Accommodation

The idea of camping in Africa can be a daunting one. For those not accustomed to ‘roughing it’ for a few days we offer a full camping service. All tents are pitched for you, meals are prepared and served and the washing up is done by G Adventures staff. This leaves you with more time to enjoy your surroundings and is ideal for first-time campers who may be worried about the challenges such a trip can entail. When camping we are exposed to the elements, and whilst there are times when the weather is fine and temperatures are pleasant, there may be days when it is foggy, rainy and cool. In certain locations there may also be a number of bugs. These factors, however, should be seen as minor downsides to a camping experience which will allow you to get up close to the beautiful nature that Africa has to offer. All camping equipment (with the exception of your sleeping bag and pillow) is supplied. We supply canvas dome tents with built-in mesh insect nets on the doors and windows. Mattresses are also available, which are approximately 4cm thick, warm and comfortable. While on the mountain (7 nights), we provide full-service alpine camping at designated communal campsites. Your porters will be carrying your tents, which they will pitch for you at these sites. The campsites are fairly basic, and exposed to the elements. They will not have electricity, nor shower facilities, and toilet facilities are basic long drop latrines, which could become dirty at times (especially when it is raining), as many other hikers sharing the same facilities. Your crew will prepare basins of warm water for washing daily. All meals on the mountain will be prepared for you by your group's cook. The tents are two-person dome tents which are assembled by the porters. All tents have built-in insect nets. Mattresses are also provided, which are warm and comfortable. Drinking water: On day 2, you should bring bottled water from the hotel for your first day's hike. Beyond that, purified (filtered) mountain water will be provided for you for the duration of the hike. Barafu Camp: The night before your summit attempt, on Day 5, you will be staying at a high altitude camp where there is no water facilities. You porters will carry water up to the camp for cooking, bathing, and drinking. This trek is not for the faint of heart, and the camp sites on Mt. Kilimanjaro are basic. However, many come out of their camping experience on the world’s largest free-standing mountain not only gratified, but ultimately rejuvenated by such an experience of a lifetime. Please note, if you need to alter the itinerary for any reason (e.g. travel delay or illness or in the event of having to descend from your climb early due to altitude sickness, injury or exhaustion), any unscheduled meals or nights spent in a location other than the tour itinerary will be at your own expense. The start/end hotel has a number of services and facilities available as follows; Internet, laundry, gear hire, luggage storage, telephone services, TV lounge, outdoor dining area and a shuttle service to/from Moshi as the hotel is located just a few kilometres from the centre of town.

Local Dress


This includes all meals while trekking on the mountain, along with breakfast back in Moshi on final day after your hike. All meals you have during your trip will be prepared from fresh local produce. Shopping for food will be done before the trip departs. Breakfasts and dinners will be served at camp, while lunches will tend to be packed to have en route while trekking. All evening meals will be hot and will consist of a variety of continental and local dishes. We believe that providing more than enough food while on such a trek is of the utmost importance, and as such you can be ensured that your cook and crew will provide enough quality food for you. Vegetarian meals and other dietary requirements need to be specified prior to arrival. Please note: bottled water (both before and after the trek) is at your own expense, however, during the Kilimanjaro trek you will be provided with drinking water. This water is collected from fresh mountain streams and then purified with tablets by your guides who will replenish your empty bottles/thermos flasks on a daily basis. For peace of mind, you are welcome to add your own chlorine or iodine tablets instead, if you are uncomfortable drinking the water provided.

About our Transportation

Land Transfers & Included Tours/activities: Many of the land transfers and included tours will be by private van, car or taxi, while others may be shared with other travellers depending on availability, nature of the activity and destination. Please note for your own safety it is mandatory to wear your seat belt at all times when in a vehicle.

Group Leader Description

For your hike on Mt. Kilimanjaro, you will be lead by an experienced certified mountain guide. To round out the team, you will be joined by an assistant guide (for groups of more than one person), a cook, and a team of porters. Your guide has been trained in mountain guiding skills, first aid and emergency response, flora and fauna, and group management. All guides are licensed by KINAPA, the National Park Authority. Your cook is an experienced cook who will prepare a variety of nutritious, and hearty meals. As a general rule, each hiker will be accompanied by 2 porters, who assist in carrying both your bag and the team’s gear (tents, food, etc). Please note English is often the 3rd or 4th language of the Tanzanians in the area of Mt. Kilimanjaro, therefore your guide will speak a basic English. The porter will carry a maximum of 15kg of your belongings and 5kg of personal gear. All our Porters will carry a maximum of 20kg and there is a strict weigh in by the Kilimanjaro Park authority.

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*Per person twin sharing and excluding flights
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