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Now's the time to explore Japan on your terms with this tour that's affordable for young travellers. Always wanted to explore Japan but kinda felt it was pricey? We got you. This 11-day introduction to the Land of the Rising Sun is super-affordable and super fun. Travel by train to introduce yourself to Tokyo nightlife, the famous geisha district of Kyoto, and the iconic floating torii gate of Miyajima. Experience the country's traditions and cutting-edge modernity with lots of free time to do your own thing. When you see Japan with a group of like-minded adventurers, you'll never want to come home.


Whats Included

  • Your Welcome Moment: Meet Your CEO and Group Your First Night Out Moment: Connect With New Friends Your Big Night Out Moment: - Kyoto: Karaoke, Kyoto Your Discover Moment: Kyoto Your Big Night Out Moment: - Osaka: Nightlife, Osaka. Orientation walks in Tokyo and Takayama. Overnight stay in a traditional inn. Miyajima Island visit. Free time in each destination. Japan Rail (JR) pass (7 days). All transport between destinations and to/from included activities.
  • No meals included
  • Hostels (9 nts, multi-share), traditional inn (1 nt, shared facilities).
  • Train, bus, ferry, walking.
  • Chief Experience Officer (CEO) throughout.

Countries Visited

  • Japan

Explore both the ultramodern and traditional sides of Japan, experience Tokyo's vibrant nightlife, visit Kyoto's iconic temples and geishas, see the floating torii gate of Miyajima, stay in a traditional inn in Takayama to experience historic Japan

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Days :

Price : From AED 9,986*
*Per person twin sharing and excluding flights

Trip Style : Basic

Trip Type : Individuals

Physical Grading : 2 - Light

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Trip Advice

We strongly recommend the use of a neck wallet or money belt while travelling, for the safe keeping of your passport, air tickets, travellers' cheques, cash and other valuable items. Leave your valuable jewellery at home - you won't need it while travelling. Many of the hotels we use have safety deposit boxes which is the most secure way of storing your valuables. A lock is recommended for securing your luggage.

What to Take

We suggest that you pack as lightly as possible as you are expected to carry your own luggage. You will be walking with your luggage in busy public train stations to catch connecting trains, so it is highly recommended that you travel light, have easy to handle luggage, and are capable of walking up and down the stairs with your luggage without any assistance. A large bag will be an inconvenience to you and slow you down! We recommend keeping the weight of your bags between 10-15kg (22-30 lbs). Large suitcases are not recommended for G Adventures trips. We suggest travellers bring a rucksack or rolling bag of small to medium size. You will also need a day-pack to carry daily essentials like water, cameras, passport, etc. It’s essential to pack as lightly as possible for rail travel in Japan. All G Adventures tours use the world-famous Shinkansen bullet trains, which have a restriction on maximum luggage size. Any luggage brought on board must be less than 160cm in total (calculated as the sum of the height + width + depth of your luggage). This is roughly the size that most airline companies consider as "carry-on baggage" and allow in overhead storage compartments. We strongly recommend bringing a day pack or backpack to use during the day (for daily essentials like water, cameras, passport, etc.). Please note that travellers who bring luggage that exceeds this restriction will be directly penalized by the Central Japan Railway Company. Any luggage between 160–250cm will require a fee of 1,000 JPY per luggage, for each leg of your train journey, and is strictly subject to availability. Any luggage over 251cm in total is prohibited on the Shinkansen trains. If you absolutely must bring more than what fits into a single carry-on bag plus day pack, you may bring a second carry-on bag which also must be less than 160cm in total. Please note, however, that as with all G Adventures tours, you must be able to carry your luggage unassisted. Luggage Transfer - Japan’s "takuhaibin" service is a convenient and reliable way to transfer luggage from one location to another throughout the country. Pick-up/drop-off/delivery dates and times can be easily scheduled (usually overnight) and costs are moderate. Service can be arranged at most hotels and airports. Using takuhaibin to send your luggage between hotels, or from hotel to airport, is a great way to travel light and avoid hauling large bags on crowded trains or up and down stairs – just be sure to pack an overnight bag with everything you’ll need until you’re reunited with your luggage the following day.

About Accommodation

Japan is one of the most populous countries in the world and space is at a premium. Therefore, hotel and hostel rooms are small. Additionally, some Japanese hotels do not have designating non-smoking rooms. Therefore, we ask hotels to deodorize rooms before check-in. Multi-share Accommodation: Multi-share same-sex accommodation (typically 4-6 travellers per room) is used on this tour, as such, if you are travelling with someone of a different gender you will not be in the same room. The majority of accommodations will have shared bathroom facilities. For private accommodation please see the Japan tours in our Classic Travel Style.

Local Dress

In Asia the dress standard is more conservative than it is back home. When packing try to pick loose, lightweight, long clothing that will keep you cool in the usually hot and humid climate of Asian summers.

About our Transportation

Japan's reliable public transportation is the best option for both the environment and for experiencing Japan like a local! We will ride several forms of transportation throughout the country, from Shinkansen bullet trains, to subways, local trains, and buses. Note that often times we will have to carry our luggage from one mode of transport to another, so please consider this whilst packing.

Start Date - End DateAvailabilityPrice
*Per person twin sharing and excluding flights
2020-09-03 - 2020-09-13Available AED 8646
2020-09-10 - 2020-09-20Available AED 8646
2020-09-26 - 2020-10-06Available AED 8646
2020-10-01 - 2020-10-11Available AED 8646
2020-10-03 - 2020-10-13Available AED 8646
2020-10-10 - 2020-10-20Available AED 8646
2020-10-31 - 2020-11-10Available AED 8646
2020-11-07 - 2020-11-17Available AED 8017
2020-11-14 - 2020-11-24Available AED 8017
2020-12-05 - 2020-12-15Available AED 8017
2020-12-12 - 2020-12-22Available AED 8017
2020-12-19 - 2020-12-29Available AED 8017
2021-01-02 - 2021-01-12Available AED 8017
2021-01-30 - 2021-02-09Available AED 8017
2021-02-13 - 2021-02-23Available AED 8017
2021-02-27 - 2021-03-09Available AED 8017
2021-03-13 - 2021-03-23Available AED 8331
2021-03-18 - 2021-03-28Available AED 8331
2021-03-20 - 2021-03-30Available AED 8331
2021-03-25 - 2021-04-04Available AED 8960
2021-03-27 - 2021-04-06Available AED 8960
2021-04-03 - 2021-04-13Available AED 8960
2021-04-10 - 2021-04-20Available AED 8960
2021-04-17 - 2021-04-27Available AED 8646
2021-04-22 - 2021-05-02Available AED 8646
2021-04-27 - 2021-05-07Available AED 8646
2021-04-29 - 2021-05-09Available AED 8646
2021-05-01 - 2021-05-11Available AED 8646
2021-05-08 - 2021-05-18Available AED 8646
2021-05-15 - 2021-05-25Available AED 8331
2021-05-22 - 2021-06-01Available AED 8331
2021-06-03 - 2021-06-13Available AED 8331
2021-06-05 - 2021-06-15Available AED 8331
2021-06-12 - 2021-06-22Available AED 8331
2021-06-26 - 2021-07-06Available AED 8331
2021-07-03 - 2021-07-13Available AED 8331
2021-07-10 - 2021-07-20Available AED 8331
2021-08-14 - 2021-08-24Available AED 9801
2021-08-21 - 2021-08-31Available AED 9801
2021-08-28 - 2021-09-07Available AED 9801
2021-09-04 - 2021-09-14Available AED 10171
2021-09-11 - 2021-09-21Available AED 10171
2021-09-18 - 2021-09-28Available AED 10171
2021-09-25 - 2021-10-05Available AED 10171
2021-09-30 - 2021-10-10Available AED 10171
2021-10-02 - 2021-10-12Available AED 10171
2021-10-09 - 2021-10-19Available AED 10171
2021-10-16 - 2021-10-26Available AED 10171
2021-10-23 - 2021-11-02Available AED 10171
2021-10-30 - 2021-11-09Available AED 10171
2021-11-06 - 2021-11-16Available AED 9431
2021-11-13 - 2021-11-23Available AED 9431
2021-11-18 - 2021-11-28Available AED 9431
2021-11-20 - 2021-11-30Available AED 9431
2021-11-27 - 2021-12-07Available AED 9431
2021-12-04 - 2021-12-14Available AED 9431
2021-12-11 - 2021-12-21Available AED 9431
2021-12-18 - 2021-12-28Available AED 9431
2021-12-25 - 2022-01-04Available AED 9431