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Small group travel is a travelling experience to add to your bucket list. The world out there is huge and joining a small group allows you to see it in a new way. If you have the desire to explore and get off the beaten track then small group travel is the perfect way to do it.

Whether you are a couple, friends, family or travelling solo, you can join a ‘small group’ and take-off with like-minded travelers to have amazing experiences. When you come back, from one of our trips you will have truly met the country you went to. You would have travelled, ate and slept the local way and perhaps also made some good friends along the way.

Travelling in a small group has many advantages. You can escape the large tour buses style of sight-seeing and use more interesting modes of transport like tuks-tuks, boats , trams, horses . You can escape the large chain hotels and experience culturally immersive types of accommodation - converted forts, tents, monasteries, log cabins. You can escape the tour buffets and eat at the best local diners, street food, local family homes. All experiences that are not possible in large groups.

One of the best features of group travel is that you are with a knowledgeable leader. These people are passionate about the country you are visiting and are armed with information, local stories, dining recommendations, safety guidelines - basically anything you need to know. The leader’s responsibility is to plan out all the logistics of the day leaving you to make the most of your holiday – without any hassles.

Small group travel does not mean you are in a group the whole trip. The best small group adventures have an ideal balance of planned activities and “you time”. After all it’s your holiday. Flexibility is key so if an “off-agenda” activity catches your attention talk to you leader and they will be happy to try and facilitate it for you.

The groups are small and the experiences are big.

Planning the adventures

Our partners have put years of research into itineraries, operators and accommodation. You decide the destination or type of adventure you want to have and leave the details to us.


  • There are over 1,500 adventures to choose from.
  • Decide by destination, theme or type.
  • Select an itinerary (Check the overview, and the detailed itinerary for info on trip style*, activities, accommodation and modes of transport)
  • Check the physical rating. (rated 1-5 meaning 1 –leisurely pace no experience required, 3- moderate fitness, 5- need to be fit.)
  • Check the departure dates. (Each itinerary has frequent departure dates so decide what works for you)
  • Call us for more info or to make a booking
  • Once a booking is made we will send you detailed trip notes to prepare for your adventure

*Trip Styles – Basic, Classic or Comfort are travel styles by which mode of transport and type of accommodation are categorized. Please see Trip styles page for more information.